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Can Google Reviews Be Deleted?


The question of whether Google reviews can be deleted is of great importance to businesses’ profiles. In normal circumstances, reviews cannot be deleted, but Google regularly monitors reviews, and if any violations of the relevant rules are detected, reviews can be removed.

Why Are Google Reviews Deleted?

The ratings and reviews given for businesses on Google profiles are of utmost importance. Factors such as appearing at the top of search results, shaping the opinions of potential customers interested in the brand, and reaching a larger audience make ratings and reviews a matter of great concern for every business. However, the reviews and ratings received may be deleted after some time.

The answer to the question of why Google reviews are deleted is primarily associated with the quality of the review service. When the review service is of low quality, when it involves bot accounts, or when reviews are provided to different businesses from the same accounts, the Google algorithm detects this and removes the reviews.

To avoid such issues, it is essential to choose reliable platforms when opting to buy Google review services. This way, there won’t be a risk of the ratings and reviews being deleted. Additionally, ensuring that every review is submitted by real users will prevent any harm to the business profile and increase the trust of potential customers. In light of all this information, it is recommended to verify that the review service for your Google business is provided by real users.

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